May 4th Meeting 2022

One the Cover: Shelly's Zoo Animal Collection

Here are a few of the topics from todays discussion:

  • [1:50] We talk about copyright: how and when to give credit to something or someone. We also talk about being confident in your ideas. 
  • [14:10] Andrea asks if she should redo her painting of a woman in curlers and if she should also make prints of it. 
  • [38:20] Paula shares her series on uplifting verses and asks if she should sign her name on the front.
  • [46:50] Diane shares her blue jay painting and asks for feedback on the brown line that was created by an overlap in her layers.
  • [55:00] Lenka asks for feedback on her pen and ink drawings, if they are creating an impact, and how to create more contrast.
  • [56:00] Joyce shares a masking fluid pen.
  • [1:04:45] Shelly shares the zoo collection she’s working on and asks how many paintings she should add to this collection.
  • [1:16:50] Diena asks for suggestions on how to paint the straw in her pig painting. 
  • [1:20:50] Mary-Lou shares her sandpiper painting, and we offer some feedback.
  • [1:28:00] We take a look at Carrie’s wooduck painting and offer some feedback.
  • [1:34:15] Jenn shares her landscape painting, and asks for advice on how to create more detail using the wet on wet technique.
  • [1:48:45] Mary Jo shares her mother’s day poem, and she asks for suggestions on how to merge her poem with her artwork.

Click here to download the Q&A Meeting's Chat:

May 4th Chat.pdf