Nest Painting

Painting Layers with Masking Fluid

In This Course You Will Learn:

👉 My signature technique for layering masking fluid and watercolors to make a nest painting.

👉 How to combine two separate reference photos together to compose one awesome composition!

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Your Instructor

Tracy Lizotte
Tracy Lizotte

Hi, I'm Tracy!

I have a passion for painting with watercolors, and teaching others the traditional fine art techniques that have been passed down to me.

Most importantly I want to have fun when I paint and to share that fun with those who enjoy creating art:)

I'm here to help you develop your own unique style, while learning how to draw, paint, market, and sell!

Have a question? I'm here for yah! Contact me at [email protected]

Wanna learn more about me, and how I came to be a professional artist? Check out my About Page.

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Take my signature masking fluid layering technique and apply it to your OWN watercolor art!

Student's Artwork:

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