Does this sound familiar?

🖥️ Tired of watching endless YouTube videos trying teach yourself how to draw and paint?

🎨 Wish you had an easy to follow system to quickly take you from a beginner to an advanced watercolorist?

✏️ Do you want to ditch tracing to draw your own original compositions?

You Can with my Drawing and Watercolor Bundle!

Did you know drawing and painting are learned skills that can be developed by anyone who wants to learn?

I show you how in three easy to follow phases in this Bundle!

Watch this video to preview my 3 step system for learning how to draw & paint:

Save time learning how to draw and paint!

Here's how:

Phase I

The Fundamentals of Drawing

There are 5 essentials to drawing realistically. Understanding what they are and how to use them is the key to creating your own original compositions in your art. In this foundational course you will learn:

  • The Elements of Art
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Comparative Measuring
  • Portrait Drawing + the Human Figure
  • How to Design a Good Composition

Learning these fundamentals will prepare you for drawing anything you want no matter how complicated, and will give you the foundation needed for painting realistically with watercolors!

Click to learn more about this course, view the curriculum, and watch the 1st module:

Phase II

Watercolor Painting for Beginners

In this course you will learn everything there is to know to creating rich vibrant, and realistic watercolor paintings. By the end of this course you will be able to choose your materials with confidence, paint with 15 different watercolor techniques, and know how to plan, and execute your own painting strategy.

You also get to create 4 fun, and very different paintings to expand your skills and abilities. These paintings include:

  • A Landscape
  • An Animal
  • Water Lilies 
  • Still Life

Click to learn more about this course, view the curriculum, and watch the 1st module:

Phase III

Advanced Courses

After going through the foundational courses for drawing and painting with watercolors, you’ll be ready to tackle the advanced section of the Academy! Advanced Courses have specific objectives that will challenge you, and teach you new layering strategies with watercolors.

Take my methods and techniques, and adapt them to suit your own style. 

It's that simple!

You also Get Access to All Drawing & Watercolor Tutorials

New tutorials are added to the drawing and watercolor section of the Academy all the time, and you get access to these tutorials in the bundle!

Drawing Tutorials

How to Draw Fast and Loose
What to do When You Don't Like Your Art
Helpful Drawing Reminders

Watercolor Tutorials

A Lesson on How to Read the Wetness of the Paper
How to Cut a Sheet of Watercolor Paper
How to Blend a Paint to Make Shadows

Art is a Life Long Journey!

After you learn how to draw and paint with watercolors it's time to develop your own style, and to help you with that I add two new fun challenges to the Academy every month, which you also get access to in this bundle.

These challenges will spark your imagination, and help develop your skills!

Monthly Drawing Challenge

Want to improve your drawing skills?

Give this challenge a try!

Draw one square a day until all 12 squares are done, and then assemble them together to see how accurate you were in each square.

Monthly Design Challenge

Want to create your original compositions?

Give this challenge a try!

It will spark your imagination, help you develop your own style, and ability to create original artwork.

You can also do this challenge in any medium you want!
Watch this video to see what the Academy can do for you:

Here's a Recap of What You Get When You Subscribe:

✏️ A step-by-step foundational learning path for drawing, that will teach you how to drawing anything you want accurately!

🎨 A foundational learning path for painting with watercolors, that will teach you step-by-step the essential skills, techniques, and strategies needed to create your own paintings!

🔓 Unlimited access to ALL drawing and watercolor courses and tutorials.

🚀 Immediate access to all NEW drawing and watercolor courses, challenges, and tutorials! 

✍️ A NEW Drawing Challenge every month to help you refine your skills, and develop your own style.

🖼 A NEW Monthly Design Challenge that will spark your imagination and expand your creativity!

This subscription allows you to carve out your own learning path, and the flexibility to study at your own pace.

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